Our firm assists CRE brokers, their clients and others involved in CRE transactions.

  • Lease and Contract ReviewWe can be a supplement to the services you already provide your clients by making sure the language protects them, either as the landlord or the tenant.
    • When your client is buying or selling commercial real estate, we can provide assistance beyond the standard language of traditional commercial real estate forms, providing protection for your clients.
    • Establishing this relationship at the start of the transaction will help keep the deal on schedule.
  • TaxationIf your client is the seller, we can help with tax planning to minimize taxes and look at options for a potential 1031 exchange or reverse exchange. The key to a 1031 is making sure the formalities are followed.
    • If your client is the buyer and will be renting back to an entity that they own, we can ensure they maximize their tax benefits and maintain their cash flow.
  • Protecting assetsIf your client is borrowing money for their transaction, we can ensure there are no pitfalls or traps.